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Dynamism and freedom of thought

Sideboard AGAPE

Prices from € 4.830,00 excluding VAT

AGAPE from the 'Oblique' collection represents the perfect synthesis of the style of the Sicilian designer whose name evokes the Greek word synonymous with purity. AGAPE, in fact, è is a sideboard with an essential line generated by a scrupulous study of classical-inspired proportions with the application of precious materials with particular chrome plating that enhance its formal purity. The apparent rigidity of the volume is marked by strong horizontal and oblique signs with subtraction of volume that at the same time give momentum and elegance.

Coffee table ENOSI

Prices from € 3.570,00 excluding VAT

ENOSI from the 'Oblique' collection takes its name from the Greek word synonymous with "union", chosen to highlight the main feature of the product based on the combination of two different materials. In fact, marble and wood are extremely distant due to their technical, geological and above all tactile characteristics, but they share their naturalness, the beauty of the chrome on the bottom and the veins that are never the same and give uniqueness to the product itself. The geometry is in line with the designer's style with clean and essential lines with golden proportions and a strong oblique sign that turns into "interlocking" by geometrically tying the two volumes made with the two materials.


Prices from € 3.780,00 excluding VAT

LEAF from the 'Oblique' collection is the perfect representation of the three stylistic themes of the Sicilian designer: ductility of natural stone, suspension, dynamism. The name derives from the English term which means "foil" and ideally represents the concept of the top as a plastic element that adapts to the shape of the support. Thanks to advanced technologies and the ductility of natural stone, the top becomes a thin sheet that implodes downwards, generating the monolithic basin integrated into the washbasin. The wall attachment system enhances the concept of lightness and suspension of the washbasin in contrast with the strong materiality of natural stone, while the oblique sign carved into the wooden part gives momentum and elegance to an articulated set of signs and materials.


Prices from € 5.180,00 excluding VAT

SLENDER from the 'Oblique' collection is the Sicilian designer's new approach to the theme of the office environment.

A modern desk that represents the maximum expression of Giuseppe Guerrera's stylistic code in terms of lightness and dynamism characterized by a thin profile, reduced to the essentiality of its function, generated by a polyline with strongly inclined features as if to compromise its stability '. The trapezoidal element in fine wood, in contrast with the formal and chromatic purity of the strictly white profile, restores a compositional and structural balance to the whole, making the product eccentric but at the same time harmonious and elegant.


Prices from € 3.080,00 excluding VAT

SLIM from the 'Oblique' collection is the variant of the "LEAF" wall-mounted washbasin from which it incorporates the architecture of the cabinet, distinguished by its height reduced to 20 cm and the round, oval or square shaped basins resting on the cabinet itself . Here the concept of ductility of the stone material is represented with an inverse geometric operation of the LEAF with the tanks in "extrusion" with respect to the top. The stylistic themes of suspension and dynamism are even more accentuated thanks to the countertop washbasins that allow the cabinet to be thinner and improve the perception of visual lightness.

Furniture MOMENTUM

Prices from € 3.450,00 excluding VAT

MOMENTUM from the 'Oblique' collection represents a new concept of living room furniture where the themes of lightness, dynamism and essentiality, typical of the Sicilian designer's thought, are expressed at the highest levels.

The polylinear profile, with strongly inclined sections and a tapered section that reduces the perception of thickness, gives the product a strong impetus by distorting the static function of "support" typical for this kind of product.

The central element in precious wood, in contrast with the formal and chromatic purity of the rigorously white profile, restores a compositional and structural balance to the whole, making the product eccentric but at the same time harmonious and elegant.