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Giuseppe Guerrera

architect & designer

Giuseppe Guerrera is an architect and designer specialized in the design of furnishing accessories and interior design consultancy.


The Giuseppe Guerrera Design® project is based on the strong bond between the designer and the world of natural stone matured within the historic family business, specialized in marble processing, in which he actively participated and which allowed him to experiment with different shapes and fields of application.

In 2017 he created the first concept of furnishing accessory, a living room coffee table in Calacatta marble and Canaletto Walnut wood that in the next version will be called ENOSI, the first product of the "Oblique" collection. From that moment on, he will continue the creative path that will combine the passion for design with the deep knowledge of the marble sector, arriving at the creation of a range of furnishing accessories divided into 5 collections all united by a single inspiring principle.

In addition to the furnishing accessories under the Giuseppe Guerrera Design® brand, a custom-made interior design service is provided that includes the sale of materials through G.M.G. marble & design srls, a company that deals with the trade and processing of natural and synthetic materials for interior design.


Natural stone is at the center of every project with its imperfections, the variety of colors and the structure that give uniqueness and charm making it never the same.

Giuseppe Guerrera observes stone like a sculptor, grasping its emotional aspects, aesthetic and technical peculiarities and associating its shapes to be applied to design projects.

The stylistic language is recognisable in each product for the harmony created between essential geometries with clean and elegant lines, proportions, lightness and dynamism present in all design projects. The designer combines formal intuition with the elegance and quality of the chosen materials with the aim of proposing a simple but particular design, far from commercial logic, in which the concepts of craftsmanship and uniqueness of the individual product are enhanced.

The function of design is to draw things that last forever, not ephemeral. When something is ephemeral, it is valid for what it is worth: nothing.

Massimo Vignelli

Good design is visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and most importantly, timeless.

Massimo Vignelli